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If you need to find a law office that can represent your interests in a criminal or civil legal matter in Central Texas, The Law Office of Zachary L. Boyd is a great option to consider. We provide individually tailored legal services that’ll account for your specific needs in and out of court. We’d be happy to assist you in the effort of protecting your rights.

Whether you’re in a child custody dispute or facing serious criminal charges, our goal will be to get you through this difficult legal situation with as little hassle as possible. We represent clients facing the least serious misdemeanors to the most serious felonies. To the extent possible, we’ll provide appointment options that attempt to accommodate your busy schedule.

Zachary L. Boyd is proud to be licensed by the Texas State Bar. He is also a life time member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Texas Family Law Foundation. He will use his experience, expertise and knowledge to benefit your case, whether or not it goes in front of a jury. Schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer who serves the Central Texas area by giving our office a call today.

Zachary L. Boyd


Zachary L. Boyd grew up throughout the State of Texas. In 1993, he graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas. One month later, he entered the United States Military Academy (USMA) located at West Point, New York. In May of 1997, he graduated USMA with a computer science degree. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a Field Artillery Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Zachary received his law degree in 2005 from the Baylor School of Law in Waco, TX.

Legal Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Serious criminal charges require assertive and knowledgeable legal defense. Our firm concentrates in defending clients against the most serious felony charges to less serious misdemeanor charges, including: homicide, manslaughter, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, offenses involving deadly weapons, sex offenses, white collar crimes, fraud, theft, and drug and alcohol-related offenses.

Juvenile Criminal Law

With the stakes so high on a young person’s future, it’s vital to get a juvenile law defense attorney to begin protect your child’s legal rights immediately. We understand that seeing your child charged with a crime is frightening and stressful. We strive to keep parents informed, to the extent possible, so that they feel like part of the team protecting their child’s legal rights and future.

Family Law

Our top priority is to help you navigate and resolve your family law matters, so you can live more and worry less. Our experienced team is here for all family law matters and will help you find resolutions with integrity. We can help with divorce, adoptions, domestic violence, property division and more.

Military Law

As a prior serviceman in the Army, Zach Boyd knows the military, knows the law, and is ready to fight hard on your behalf. Because he began his education in the field, rather than the classroom, Zach is uniquely qualified to both communicate with military personnel and represent your case aggressively.

From Our Clients

"Mr Boyd and his staff have been great. He was able to resolve my matter with the best outcome. Initially, he set my expectations as far as timelines and communication. Therefore I knew what to expect as we proceeded through the matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Boyd and will use again if needed."

Andrea T.

"I am a none resident of Texas, and needed a Lawyers advice towards my legal issue. Mr. Boyd was able to explain the procedures , and provide me with professional advice, and was very fair with his costs. It was very refreshing to talk with Mr. Boyd, and look forward to future dealings with his firm."

Mike H.

"From the moment I met Mr. Boyd I became aware of his competence. He immediately went to the heart of the matter and began to build my defense as well as dissolve the case against me. I have dealt with attorneys that provide lip service to their client but cannot deliver where it counts."

Rob S.

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